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Sunday, September 13, 2015

4K Fun!!

We have made it to 4,000!!

Without all 4,000 of my fantastic fans, I would be nowhere! So, first and foremost, thank you to each and every one of you! I started a crochet page on a whim one day, about 3 years go. I had no idea what to expect when it started. It started off slow at first, mainly family and close friends. As I branched out and found more crocheters, I found that it was a huge entity, and I was trying to make my small footstep known!

Fast-forward 3 years later and I have grown in so many ways. I have found some amazing friends through the love of hooks, yarn, and needles, and I have learned so many new things about crochet. I have also started knitting again, which I had stopped doing for about 2 years. While on this journey, I learned there are so many fibers, textures, yarn weights, and ways to turn a hook around some yarn to make some very beautiful items.

Another adventure I discovered, handspun yarn! It is such a treat to work with, and my first purchase of handspun yarn was from my mentor, Shannon, of The Hookeraholic Crochet. She has taught me an appreciation of the art of spinning, and now, I have learned to spin fiber into yarn as well!

So in the past 3 years from the time Yarn Medley's from the Heart started, I have crocheted, knitted, spun, dyed fibers, created, written patterns, and tested patterns for some amazing designers. 

In the next few years, I plan to design more, write more, spin more, and most definitely crochet and knit more! Please leave a comment to let me know what something you would love to see more of as far as crochet designs go. I would love to bring your ideas to life!

As a personal thank you, starting tomorrow, September 14th, I am giving away a pattern for 24 hours each day, for the next 5 days! That is right, 5 free patterns coming this week!

I will also have 5 guest designers offering a free pattern to you as well! So be sure to like and follow Yarn Medley's from the Heart, and the guest designers' pages so you don't miss out! There may just be something amazing at the end of the week for you!

Also, there will be new releases at discounted prices, so be sure you get notifications!!

Thank you all so very much again!!


  1. Congratulations on your journey.

  2. What an amazing journey! Congratulations and thanks for what you do. 💙

  3. Congratulations, what an accomplishment have a blessed evening and thank you in advance for the pattern

  4. Wonderful. Love fitted crochet shawls.

  5. Congratulations Nondas!!! I'm excited and happy for you!

  6. Congratulations Nondas!! I am so happy for you and look forward to seeing what you come up with next!! I personally love earwarmers!

  7. Congrats, May your journey lead you beyond your dreams!