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Monday, October 19, 2015

Braided Hope Wristers Release!

I am so excited to be releasing the 3rd addition to the Braided Hope line! The Braided Hope Wristers are perfect to keep your hands and wrister warm, while still being able to take those photos, drive, or anything else with your fingers!

The stitching in these patterns resemble 3 strand braids, and are repeated around the project. The first part of the collection was the hat, which was designed for the Cancer Challenge, and the name came while I was designing it. 
Cancer is a horrible disease that many people fight! Each strand represents the fighter, the supporters, and the hope that a cure will be found. As you make one or all of these patterns, I hope you think of each of these weaving and crossing paths to form a stronger fabric of hope!

For the release, I am offering 50% off, or all 3 patterns in the Braided Hope Collection for $10!

You can go HERE to directly purchase the newest addition for 50% off, or,

You can go HERE to directly purchase the whole set for $10!

Thank you so much for joining me in the release and continuation of the Braided Hope Collection! Be sure to follow me on Facebook to ensure you do not miss the future releases!